Taking Dena – Now Available

Hi readers! As usual, I’m guilty of not keeping up to date with my postings, and for that I deserve to be punished. So, if any of you would like to talk to me about binding and gagging me and putting me through my paces for this transgression, please hit me up at xtremebondageauthor@gmail.com.

However, I haven’t been stagnant. My latest work, Taking Dena, is now available on A1Adultebooks at https://tinyurl.com/y8ezyakw. If you like stories about a woman being abducted, kept tightly tied and bound while men and women use her body for pleasure and torment, you might want to check this one out!


Three Tales of Bondage Justice is available!

I’m terribly sorry about this book having taken much longer than I expected, but that’s life. I need to occupy my stable of submissives – can’t just tie them up and leave them while I go write.

But, anyway, at least Three Tales of Bondge Justice is out and available on  A1AdulteBooks at https://tinyurl.com/yb6l9hvxI hope you get a chance to go pick it up and tell me what you think! Let me know at xtremebondageauthor@gmail.com.

My Latest Preview

I have to write when I can, so this might be a few weeks (I hope), but I’m putting together my fourth book: Three Tales of Bondage Justice. I’ll give you three separate story lines, each detailing the restraint, use, humiliation, and punishment of a very lovely lady who richly deserves her fate!

  • Meet Lori, a high-powered attorney in a large law firm who has twisted the law to secure certain land rights for a large corporation at the expense of a group of private, common citizens who are displaced. A falsified involuntary commitment order results in Lori wearing a very unique straight-jacket and being delivered to a member of a radical, anti-big business group. Lori will undergo severe and strict punishment and humiliation, and video of her torment will be sent to other law firm executives as a warning!
  • We have Colleen, a long-time soap opera star who has become addicted to her status on the show and treats writers, assistants, directors, and other cast like servants. When a few of them get together, they treat her just the way she treated them – like slaves. They run her ragged forcing her to perform pointless tasks, seeing just how much she likes it!
  • And then there is Julie, an EMT who is doing the job only because her great-grandfather’s stipulated that she can’t get her $10 million inheritance unless she works for the “common good” for a few years. She is lazy, just marking time, and doesn’t care who knows it. She lets others do her work and barely contributes. But her strategy backfires when she is abducted by two men who were hired by her co-workers and tied up in the basement of a remote home, forced to please them, whipped and clamped, and then informed that tonight is only the beginning!

I hope you can’t wait to read these stories as much as I can’t wait to finish writing them! Email me at xtremebondageauthor@gmail.com.

Big 50% Off Sale on All My Books!

For those of you who have looked at my books but haven’t made the jump to purchase, here is your chance: all three of my books – Submission 101The Business of Revenge, and Bound By Bikers – are now 50% off! That means that Submission 101 and Bound By Bikers are both $3.48, and The Business of Revenge is just $3.43!


This is a limited-time offer (yes, I know I sound like a used-car salesman, but it’s true!) so take advantage of this while you can.

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(To buy e-books or hard copies, when you are at either site, select Author in the Search area at the top of the screen, and enter Sauvage in the field. All three of my books display.)


Bound by Bikers is now available!

The wait is over! My newest tale of non-consensual bondage and torment, Bound by Bikers, is now available at A1AdultEbooks.com! Read about how Natalie is tricked into intense restraint and put through intense punishment and humiliation in front of an entire room full of BDSM enthusiasts. She is collared, gagged, corseted, butt-plugged, forced to exercise, and verbally humiliated. But, even as she hates how she is being treated, she can’t deny how much it turns her on. How does she resolve this conflict?

You can purchase this as an e-book hereAnd please, write to me at xtremebondageauthor@gmail.com to tell me what you think!

Paperbacks Available!

For those of you who might want a hard copy of Submission 101 or The Business of Revenge, now you can get one! If you link to:


and search for either title, you will find they will come up and you can click to buy a paperback version! I’d appreciate it if anyone that does so could drop me a quick line at xtremebondageauthor@gmail.com and let me know about the quality of the book.

Thanks! More works coming VERY soon!

Coming Soon!

I’m working on my third book, and it is going great! Here’s a short description:

Natalie is approached by Locke, a powerful and dominant biker, when he keys in on her interest in bondage and submission. He convinces her to submit to him as an initiation for entrance into their BDSM themed motorcycle club. She is assured that her safety and security is the most important consideration. Only when she has been securely tied and gagged does she learn that it’s all been a trick to kidnap her and use her as they see fit. Her torment begins immediately – nipple clamps, breast bondage, being filled with enormous plugs and dildos, paddling, humiliation, forced oral service of men and women – she is put through her paces. Due to her fiery personality, she has trouble submitting, and earns additional punishments as she goes.

How much will she be put through? How much can she handle? What will happen to her?

If you want to know when this book is released, watch http://www.a1adultebooks.com/ or send me an email at xtremebondageauthor@gmail.com, and I’ll be sure to let you know the day it hits!