Keeping Dena – coming soon!

I received several letters regarding Taking Dena, the story of Dena’s kidnapping by a group of men and women and subsequent sale to a rich lesbian Mistress. Most of those letters wanted to read more about what happened to our hostage, so I’m working on the sequel – Keeping Dena.

As we read at the end of Taking Dena, Mistress Madeline will keep Dena for one year of training and enforced submission, at which time she will be freed and given a payment for her “trouble.” But Dena is a terrible slave, fighting her trainers often and generally being disobedient. Despite different punishments, she simply will not submit

While other women have been taken hostage after Dena and trained just like her, they have accepted their situations and enjoy more privileges, less punishment, and less stringent bondage. It infuriates Dena that these women walk around with their arms cuffed in front of them in comfortable outfits, while her elbows have been tied together behind her for weeks and she wears painful ballet boots, corsets, and is almost always gagged. But her year of service is over in a couple days, so she is focused on nothing more than getting to that point.

That is, until she has an audience with Mistress Madeline, who informs her that she won’t be released because she hasn’t learned her place, and that she’ll take a more active role in Dena’s punishment. Angry, Dena lashes out, but can do little more than scream into her gag and struggle. And thus begins a much harsher, more humiliating, and more degrading situation, where every tiny transgression is dealt with harshly, where she must somehow quell the anger she feels at being humiliated and used so she can submit and be freed from her hell.

Keep your eyes peeled here and on a1adultebooks to see when this will be available!


Operation: Vengeance – Blaire Takes Control

The second book in the Operation series picks up the story of Special Agent Blaire Tuttle. As we read in Operation: Deception – Blaire Takes Control, Blaire has been kidnapped by her rival Melissa under the guise of solving a case involving missing government employees, and now she is tightly bound and under the control of Melissa and her girlfriend Elesha.

We return to Blaire after almost two weeks of constant restraint and frequent punishment. Her arms have been trapped in a tight leather single-glove binder since she arrived. She’s been collared and corseted, and her large breasts have been tied tightly, with her nipples clamped. She’s been butt-plugged and forced to accept enemas over and over again.

But, worst of all, she’s been filled with a running vibrator that reads her body signals and shuts off just before she can reach orgasm. This has gone on every second, day and night, and she is slowly losing her mind from the torment. Melissa has taunted and punished Blaire non-stop, and the constant assault is making Blaire compliant despite her initial resistance. She doesn’t think she can hold out much longer.

But Melissa and Elesha have an assistant named Rachel, and they leave her in charge for a short period. When the two are alone, Rachel tells Blaire that she wants nothing more than to turn the tables on the kidnappers, but that she must wait for the right time to take over. To maintain her cover, Rachel has no choice but to continue to torment Blaire violently. Blaire finds that Rachel’s style of domination is to her liking.

Will she be set free so she can get her revenge? Check out Operation: Vengeance – Blaire Takes Control to find out!

Operation: Deception – Capturing Blaire

I’ve been a little behind, but here is my latest story: Operation: Deception – Capturing Blaire. Blaire is a highly-regarded special agent with a knack for solving difficult cases. When Melissa comes to her with a request to find four female government employees who have gone missing, she wants the case, but she doesn’t want to work with Melissa, as they’ve had a feud for years. However, when Melissa promises her a huge promotion if she retrieves the missing women, Blaire takes the job.

There’s one hitch, though; all four of the missing women were heavily involved in BDSM –  and that’s likely how they were kidnapped – so Blaire must infiltrate the lifestyle. She finds the only way she can gain acceptance is to submit to being restrained despite the danger. She finds that she kind of likes being tied up.

But, at one party, she gets in over her head and, after being securely restrained, she is informed that she won’t be released any time soon. Concerned, she tries to struggle, but finds that her bondage is too tight, that she isn’t going anywhere. She is gagged, collared, corseted, plugged, put in breast bondage, and blindfolded.

Only then does she discover exactly who is responsible for bringing her here, and she learns what is in store for her! And the story of her suffering and humiliation is told in the next book in the series – Operation: Vengeance – Blaire Takes Control!

Taking Dena – Now Available

Hi readers! As usual, I’m guilty of not keeping up to date with my postings, and for that I deserve to be punished. So, if any of you would like to talk to me about binding and gagging me and putting me through my paces for this transgression, please hit me up at

However, I haven’t been stagnant. My latest work, Taking Dena, is now available on A1Adultebooks at If you like stories about a woman being abducted, kept tightly tied and bound while men and women use her body for pleasure and torment, you might want to check this one out!

Three Tales of Bondage Justice is available!

I’m terribly sorry about this book having taken much longer than I expected, but that’s life. I need to occupy my stable of submissives – can’t just tie them up and leave them while I go write.

But, anyway, at least Three Tales of Bondge Justice is out and available on  A1AdulteBooks at hope you get a chance to go pick it up and tell me what you think! Let me know at

My Latest Preview

I have to write when I can, so this might be a few weeks (I hope), but I’m putting together my fourth book: Three Tales of Bondage Justice. I’ll give you three separate story lines, each detailing the restraint, use, humiliation, and punishment of a very lovely lady who richly deserves her fate!

  • Meet Lori, a high-powered attorney in a large law firm who has twisted the law to secure certain land rights for a large corporation at the expense of a group of private, common citizens who are displaced. A falsified involuntary commitment order results in Lori wearing a very unique straight-jacket and being delivered to a member of a radical, anti-big business group. Lori will undergo severe and strict punishment and humiliation, and video of her torment will be sent to other law firm executives as a warning!
  • We have Colleen, a long-time soap opera star who has become addicted to her status on the show and treats writers, assistants, directors, and other cast like servants. When a few of them get together, they treat her just the way she treated them – like slaves. They run her ragged forcing her to perform pointless tasks, seeing just how much she likes it!
  • And then there is Julie, an EMT who is doing the job only because her great-grandfather’s stipulated that she can’t get her $10 million inheritance unless she works for the “common good” for a few years. She is lazy, just marking time, and doesn’t care who knows it. She lets others do her work and barely contributes. But her strategy backfires when she is abducted by two men who were hired by her co-workers and tied up in the basement of a remote home, forced to please them, whipped and clamped, and then informed that tonight is only the beginning!

I hope you can’t wait to read these stories as much as I can’t wait to finish writing them! Email me at

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